Mình đang đọc series của tác giả Cannon và thấy cực kì hay, muốn chia sẻ với mọi người, Tác giả là nhà thôi miên có thể đưa con người trở về quá khư ( tiền kiếp) để chữa bênh, cũng như nói chuyện với Higher Self, hay là một phần linh hồn của mình sống ở Spiritual world.


Nhận xét của độc giả:

I have never read a more mind-bending book than the set of books by Delores Cannon, called The Convoluted Universe, and trust me, I will read anything as long as its not boring. And these books are anything but boring. I would suggest starting with Cannon's first books and working your way up to the Convoluted Universe series, unless you're one of those brave, and very grounded souls who can walk out on the edge without falling into the abyss, because believe me, you will see into the darkness.

So what makes this set of books so amazing? First you have to know what Cannon does in order to understand her work. She is a hypnotherapist(I am also) and what she does is delve into people's subconscious/higher consciousness' just as Freud, and Jung did, only Cannon can get those 'selves' to talk to her. It's like dreaming only you're awake, and conscious enough to hear yourself, or have someone else record it as Cannon does.

As Cannon's clients explain, we are all pieces of the Source, having a human experience, but because we are really these powerful beings, we can only bring in a small portion of our 'real' selves. On other planets, we can bring in more, but here on Earth, we forget almost completely who we really are as we live our our lives of 'illusion/Maya'.

Why do we have human experiences? We are all a piece of 'God/Source' and this source wants to experience everything in order to grow, and we're like the leaves on a tree, bringing in energy to the tree in order for it to grow.

What's so special about Cannon's work? She doesn't channel it, she gets it straight from her clients' higher self, and since she works with so many people around the world, her works gives you goosebumps. No matter who Cannon has regressed, the main ideas are always the same, what she gets with different clients, is more details.

In this mind-blowing work, we learn that not all people are souls striving to evolve and grow. Some people are just backdrop in order to create the illusion for those on the path. So what is the path that all religions talk about? It's simple, it's about learning to love each other and ourselves, unconditionally. That's it. Or as the Beatles once sang, 'all you need is love'. That's the Law of One Edgar Cayce was always talking about. The Atlanteans forgot it and so they destroyed themselves.

When we come to Earth, we need to play by the rules, and those rules say that 'what goes around, comes around', or karma if you will. Once we start on living here on Earth, or probably anywhere, we have to learn to stay in balance. If we do negative, we have to balance it out with positive. Gives a certain amount of comfort when you think of all the people getting away with things here on Earth lately.

One important thing that Cannon has discovered, besides having her clients heal themselves, is that there's going to be a splitting of the Earth. She's growing up to the next level, ascending if you will, and those who are at a high enough level with go with the new Earth that Jesus talked about. Those who don't want to evolve, get to stay on the old Earth that is dying due to our neglect, and mostly our negative attitudes. But the good news is that if you want to be a part of the new Earth, and the people trying to do the right thing, all you have to do is to love. Love yourself, your neighbors, your cat, your house, your enemy, just as the good books says, it's about love. Love raises us up.

One thing that was said, is that our airplanes are polluting the other dimensions and that our Marijuana(mar/mary?) plants could make all the non-polluting fuel we need, and our medicine, and that this plant was specifically given to us for these uses, yet we make it illegal. We truly are living in an insane asylum.

I highly recommend this book, and all the others in the series. They make my soul feel lighter and I feel like the world makes sense. And most importantly, they have the 'ring of truth'.
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