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Merits of the Local Earth God Mantra

Da Bo Gong Mantra: Gui Ren and Merits Increase By Doing Good

Namo Samanta Buddanam Om Duru Duru Devi Svaha

安土地言是:「南摩三满多。母得南 OM。 度鲁。度鲁。地尾。梭哈。

When chanting any mantra, you can chant this mantra few times to invite protection from all directions. This mantra helps in business and career and chronic illness too. Especially protection when travel to places you feel uncomfortable.

Chant with happiness daily to improve well-being and luck. After chant dedicate merits to all beings and also request for healing on health and improvement in career or business.

It is just a simple, ordinary mantra often found in any one of the Sutras. It is very plain, so simple that most people will often overlook it. This is the “An Tu Di Zhen Yen” (Settlement of the Earth God Mantra). The mantra is as follows: Namo sam-man-do, moo-toh-nam, om, doo-loo doo-loo dei-wei, so-ha. (LINK)

If practiced diligently, this Mantra could potentially transform your life :
Namo sam-man-do, moo-toh-nam, om, doo-loo doo-loo dei-wei, so-ha

Usually at any time, anywhere , can become into small multi-millionaire when chanted at least 1 million times (satisfactory), when chanted 100 millions of times once can become a extremely wealthy person !!

Actually, in terms of real danger in the house or serious crap happening, the Tu Di Gong who takes care of the household, is the first one to respond. Real Celestial deities do not and cannot respond immediately. This not many people know. So always remember to take good care in offering to the du di going in the house. Never ever take him for granted.

In most Chinese Occult Altar. Di Zhu Gong take the first hit. If ‘huat lor’ means something penetrated the outer perimeter and Di Zhu. Upper Altar On Standby.

Let me tell everybody this fact – this simple mantra that can change one’s fate.

Isn’t this just the ordinary Settlement of the Earth God Mantra? Yes, correct. However, it has the great power to change one’s fate, thus it is not to be neglected.

– Someone chanted this mantra and his skin disease of 10 years was cured completely.

– Some people possessed bad luck on their features, and they are poor their entire life. After chanting this mantra for a long period of time, their fate changed and they went from poverty to riches.

– After chanting this mantra, some people were able to bear a child after 10 years of infertility.

– After chanting this mantra, some people were blessed with good health in their whole life.

– After chanting this mantra, some people were blessed with good marriages shown by a reddish glow on their faces.

– Some people had karmic obstacles in their lives, making life tough. After chanting this mantra, their every wish is fulfilled without any obstacles in their endeavors.

– Some people became big lottery winners after they chanted this mantra.

I have to tell everyone a secret. Actually this is not supposed to be revealed, but I can’t help it. If you chant the Local Earth God mantra and go to Las Vegas, your wish will be especially fulfilled there.

Nobody has suggested chanting this mantra for a long time, except me, Living Buddha Lian Shen who is recommending this method now.

This is what I discovered. In one of my meditations, I found a white-haired, ruddy faced elderly man sitting beside me.

“Who are you?”

“The Earth God.”

“What do you like to do in the human realm?”

“Follow those who have good fortune.”

“What are your views on the spiritual realms?”

“The holy realm (of Buddhas) is Emptiness and Void, the heavenly realm (of deities) is purity, the Earth deity realm is a mixture of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness.”

I asked the Earth God, “How is an individual’s fate determined?”

“Fate exists based on causes and conditions. It is quite intriguing and complicated. Ordinary humans should know about it, but everything cannot be separated from cause and effect; all is fated, and nobody can do anything about it.”

“You are right about this, but how does one change one’s fate?”

I continued to ask, “Pray to the Buddhas?”

“If it is not within a reasonable time frame, you cannot successfully supplicate the Buddhas.”

“Pray to the heavenly deities?”

“Also no if it is not within the reasonable time frame.”

“Supplicate the Local Earth God?”

“That’s right. Obtaining auspiciousness or inauspiciousness can change one’s fate.”

“How to change (one’s fate)?”

“Chant the mantra.”

“Which mantra?”

“Settlement of the Local Earth God Mantra.”

The elderly man brought me riding on a deer carriage to the skies, and we reached a mountain with a grand shining capital on it. There were innumerable white-haired ruddy faced elderly men in this capital, millions of them. Some of them are returning, and some of them are flying off into the sky.

“What is this realm?”

“The realm of the Local Earth God Deities.”

“What are they busy doing? ”

“To go and protect, to go and change fate.”

Finally I realized this principle; we can change our fate by learning from the Buddhas, we can also change our fate by learning from the heavenly deities, but to chant “Settlement of the Local Earth God Mantra” is to change our fate much faster and more directly.

To change one’s fate, to hold the key to transformation, any dharmas utilized must be within a reasonable time frame, and meet certain requirements.

But to simply chant “An Tu Di Zhen Yen” (Settlement of the Local Earth God Mantra), millions and billions of times, and sincerely offering to the Local Earth God, one will receive the fortunate blessings of the Local Earth God to change one’s fate. This is a fact. – LINK

Earth God Power

The great Deity of the earth (Tua Pek Kong) possess great powers that not many can match ! Why ?

There is several aspect of the earth; it is wide and extensive, it supports and nourishes all living beings, it receives the great rain, it produces grass and trees, it holds all planted seeds, it produces medicines, it is impartial and it holds many treasures.

All the lands through out the world receives His protection; all the grasses, woods, stones, sands, paddy fields, hemp, bamboo, reeds, grains, rice, gems, and oil come forth from the ground because of His power. He can even prevent the spreading of epidemics; furthermore He’s the greatest wealth Deity on earth !

He’s always depicted as an elderly man with a white beard usually smiling and maintaining a benevolent expression. He holds an auspicious wish fulfilling object called “Ru Yi” or a Dragon-head staff. While the other hand on the right holds several Gold ingots. He is also called “The Upright Deity of Fortune and Wealth” (福德正神) when worshipped in temples and homes.

It is said that the Tua Pek Kong reside in almost every place (aka like the landlord of the house, offices etc) and affect us in our daily lives. By chanting this mantra with FAITH, one is to change our fate much faster and more directly. By chanting it sincerely and offering to the Tua Pek Kong, one will receive the fortunate blessings to change one’s fate. You will be granted harmony, good health, prosperity or career success in whatever you do in your daily life.

Typically for Buddhist, before the start of chanting of the Buddhist sutras, one would usually chant “An Tu Di Zhen Yen” (Settlement of the Earth God Mantra). This is to invite the Earth Gods (Buddhist Protector or Guardian Angel and also in charge of the particular place) to attend the ritual so that He would also be able to obtain the merits from paying homage to the Buddhas. By Increasing His merits, He would very happy and would typically grant your wishes. According to various description of manifestation of miracles, by chanting this mantra,

Earth God Mantra Feng Shui

In the past, whenever I read the Feng Shui of a person`s home, I observed both the visible and the invisible worlds. The invisible world refers to the realm of spirits.

These are my experiences of reading Feng Shui

If debtor ghosts demanding payment surround the individual, he is doomed to fail.

If wealth deities surround the individual, he is destined to prosper. Thus, the invisible hand of spirits affects everything.

There were many tables around the stall and they were all occupied with customers who were eager to taste the food. It was much like ants after cookies. I opened my divine eye to examine the man running the stall, and what I witnessed was frightening. The open field was filled with more than a hundred patrons visiting the stall, and an equal number of spirits roaming the area. These spirits had swayed the customers to patronize this stall. When the spirits lure one in, one obeys.

The stall was famous for its herbal soup, and the taste was delicious. Every night, the traffic of customers flowed in and out like an ocean tide. His business was so prosperous that his wealth flowed like the running tap water. Someone said that the stall owner smiled while calculating his earnings at home. Another said that the stall owner owned a few apartments and his wealth was measured in the billions.

I paid close attention to the stall owner`s facial features. I observed that his face was dark and gloomy, with a sunken nose, tiny mouth, small eyes and hardly any flesh on his face. He certainly did not look like he was a man of great wealth but instead resembled a homeless old man.

I felt there was nothing remarkable about this old man. But how do you explain his wealth? Besides being rich, he had so many spirits helping to lure customers to his stall. The spirits also attended to the customers and cleaned up their tables, and this was quite perplexing.

One day, a certain individual came to seek my consultation. He wanted to find a name for his grandson, and when I looked at him, I realized he was the same old man who ran the stall.

I made a quick spiritual observation and sensed the sound of a mantra filling the atmosphere, accompanied by the scent of sandalwood. I also saw radiating circles of light, and within each circle stood a Fortune God. This was most astonishing.

`Do you know how to recite any mantras?` I asked.

`Nope!` Pan Ji, the old man replied.

`I heard the sounds of a mantra and smelled the scent of sandalwood. I saw the Fortune God by your side.`


I have helped many in my consultations and have a good track record of accuracy. It was rare to hear someone remark `Impossible.` Rather, it was impossible for my divine eye and ear to make a wrong observation. If there was ever any mistake in my observation, I was always able to pinpoint the cause of it.

`Does anyone at your home know how to chant a mantra?` I asked him.

`Neither my wife nor my kids know how to chant a mantra.` Pan Ji replied.

`Do any of your other relatives know how to chant a mantra?` I asked.

`Do the deceased count?`

`Yes,` I replied.

Pan Ji proceeded to tell me, `In my family, only my grandfather Pan Li knew how to chant a mantra. Once, a monk gave my grandfather a string of chanting beads and taught him how to chant the Earth God Mantra. My grandfather recited the mantra for his entire life using the mala. He chanted on it so much that it eventually turned black and became shiny.`

`Where is mala now?` I believed I had found my answer.

`My grandfather passed it down to my father, and my father gave it to me, but I don`t know where I put it. I think I`ll ask my wife to help me find it.`

Pan Ji returned home and asked his wife about the mala. She told him, `The mala is tucked away inside a hidden crack at your stall. Nobody was aware of this.`

Pan Ji searched and found the mala at the stall. He then took the darkened mala and showed it to me. He didn`t know the value of the prayer beads.

I told Pan Ji, `Your grandfather, Pan Li, received protection from the Earth God. This is the result of reciting the Earth God Mantra, respecting the Earth God, visualizing the Earth God, and praising the Earth God.`

The Earth God Mantra is as follows:

Namo Samanta Buddanam Om Duru Duru Devi Svaha

The Earth God Mantra is usually chanted before reciting a sutra. This is to summon the Earth Gods from the Four Directions to guard over you while you recite the sutra.

Pan Li spent his entire life reciting this mantra. His sincerity attracted the Earth God to protect him. This mantra is neither from the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas nor the Vajra Protectors. It is not a major mantra, yet it should not be underestimated as it contains amazing power.

If anyone is troubled by spirit entities and recites this mantra, the spirits will retreat and give you their respect.

If anyone contracts illness and recites this mantra, the illness will leave. All pain will disappear and one`s health will return.

In the past, I had taught people how to chant this mantra as it is especially helpful for curing several forms of dermatitis such as athlete`s foot, chronic dermatitis, discoid eczema, etc. By chanting the mantra, those who have skin-related illnesses should be cured because the Earth God devours the bacteria on the skin.

If one recites this mantra diligently and upholds the Five Precepts and Ten Wholesome Deeds, then one will not fall in to the Three Lower Realms and hell. In fact, one will be reborn in the earth and heavenly realms and enjoy utmost bliss and pleasure. The Earth God Mantra is also most effective in terms of accumulating wealth because the Earth Gods and their attendant ghosts will help those who recite the mantra to receive countless fortunes.

Pan Li devoted his life to chanting this mantra and achieved great results with it. The mala had been passed down from grandfather to father, and from father to son. Nonetheless, the blessings followed and were passed down as well. This was simply incredible. – TBSN

Earth God 4D Lottery

I want to share something, but it’s not about tu di gong. It is about Tua Pek Kong (大伯公). After 2 months inviting Tua Pek Kong to his house, he had a dream, a very old man came to see him. That old man just look like normal old man with T-shirt. The old man told my friend that his altar not complete. My friend then asked, what is it that is not complete? The old man said he need to put another statue of Tua Pek Kong. After my friend wake up, the thought it is just a dream.

After 2 weeks, the old man came to his dream again, the old man asked why my friend still don’t have another Tua Pek Kong statue, then my friend ask he already have 1 statue of Tua Pek Kong, why he need to get another one? The old man said his Tua Pek Kong statue is red clothes Tua Pek Kong, and he wants my friend to have green clothes Tua Pek Kong at the altar too.

The old man told my friend, There are 4 Tua Pek Kong, red, green, blue and yellow. So my friend asked where he can find the green Tua Pek Kong. The old man said, in the abandoned temple at the mountain near his house. When my friend wake up, he went to that mountain and found an abandoned temple, and there he found Green shirt Tua Pek Kong, he then bring the Green shirt Tua Pek Kong to a chinese temple to ‘kai kwang’, straight away Tua Pek Kong goes into the Taoist master’s body, and he told the whole story that, it was my friend’s ancestor who build the Tua Pek Kong’s temple at that mountain and the Tua Pek Kong not happy because the temple is abandoned for more than 10 years.

So after my friend bring the green shirt Tua Pek Kong statue back to his house Dec 2012, he had strike toto 1st prize every month since Jan 2013 until now. Not all the numbers he buy strike, but out of 5 numbers he buy, 1 will strike 1st prize, so amazing. – LINK


You can “imagine” that you are making immense amount of offerings (so unlimited such that it filled up the entire Universe !!) which include things that has prosperity or abundance significant to you (preferably sweet) – – Red Wine, Sweet Cake, Coke , Huat Cake, Oranges, Nice incense etc. Multiply the Offerings to fill up the entire Universe and request the Deity to enjoy the wine and food that you have humbly prepare. You can also visualise Earth God Deities from the Five Directions (North, South, East, West, Centre) to partake in your offerings.

So once your wishes have been manifested (you should know yourself), you should do Thanks Givings like contributing to Tua Pek Kong Temples ( eg. temple restoration, oil / lamp offerings etc) or help the needy or poor. This allow the wealth energy to be circulated and is also a good way to protect our Good and make it permanent. This will also make Tua Pek Kong happy as His wish is to benefit more people !

Tu Di Gong

Tu Di Gong/土地公 is the Chinese earth god. Legend has it that he was a man called Zhang Fu De/张福德 – the loyal old manservant of a rich family, who was renowned for his friendliness, humility and generosity. While out taking a stroll through the countryside with his master’s small daughter one day, a blizzard began to rage. Wrapping the little girl up in his coat, he hurried home through the snow. The next morning, when the snow had subsided, he was found frozen to death just outside the grounds of his master’s home; the child was safe and sound within his embrace, however. In light of his selflessness, Zhang was deified. He earned the title of Fu De Zheng Shen/福德正神 – the Righteous God of Prosperity and Virtue.

Tu Di Gong doubles as a god of wealth, in light of how the earth served as a source of wealth to the predominantly farming folk of days gone by. In his role as a god of wealth, he is known as Da Bo Gong/大伯公 (Tua Pek Gong in Hokkien). Whichever role he plays, he is consistently depicted as a rotund, good-natured and mild-mannered old man.

Tu Di Gong’s statue wields a dragon-headed staff (this is a reference to an earlier Chinese earth deity known as the Earth Dragon, incorporated into Tu Di Gong worship as his pet) and is placed on the ground in accordance with his job scope (see first picture below). As Tua Pek Gong, his statue is placed off the ground, and holds a ‘ru yi’/如意 sceptre, a symbol of good fortune


Tugong (土公 “Lord of the Soil”);
Tudiye (土地爷 “Soil-Ground Father”);
Dabogong (大伯公 “Great Elder Lord”) or Bogong (伯公 “Elder Lord”);
Sheshen (社神 “God of the Soil”) or Shegong (社公 “Lord of the Soil”);
Tudijun (土帝君 “Ruler God of the Soil”).

Extended titles of the god include:

Tudihuofushen (土地或福神 “God who May Bless the Soil”);
Fudezhengshen (福德正神 “Right God of Blessing and Virtue”) or Fudegong (福德公 “Lord of Blessing and Virtue”).


The Landlord God (Chinese: 地主神; pinyin: Dìzhǔ shén) is a deity worshipped in Chinese folk beliefs who is analogous but is not to be confused with Tudigong. The tablet for the Landlord God is typically inscribed with (middle two rows) “left: The Earth God of Overseas Tang People (overseas Chinese; 唐番地主財神), right: The Dragon of Five Sides and Five Lands (五方五土龍神; fengshui). The side inscriptions mean “The wealth comes from ten thousand directions and the business comes from thousands of miles.” It is believed that the Landlord God has powers to help gather wealth, and the position of the tablet must be placed properly according to the laws of Feng Shui.

Fude Zhenshen

Fude Zhengshen is a fortune god who has authority over the fortune and wealth of human. He has a higher rank than the ground gods or Tu Di Gong.

Earth God White Tiger and Dragon God

Chinese occult pray to him as he command vast armies of yin beings and also a moderately tame white tiger and other exotic beasts.

Sometimes he is accompanied with a tiger or Hu Jiang Jun (Hokkien=Houw Ciang Kun) which is believed help him to chased away evil spirits and help people from disasters. Another version says that his and his wife’s loyal servant are Bai Hu Shen (Hanzi=白虎神; pinyin=bái hǔ shén; lit. White Tiger God) and Long Shen (Hanzi=龙神; pinyin=lóng shén; lit. Dragon God) who protect human from another human.

Jade Emperor God Assistant

Two assistance of the Jade Emperor are Cheng Huang and Tu Di Gong, who look after Earthly paperwork.
Cheng Huang is the god of moats and walls. Each district has its own Cheng Huang, a protective town god, most often a local dignitary or important person who had died and been promoted to godhood. His divine status was revealed in dreams, though the gods made the actual decision. Cheng Huang not only protects the community from attack, but sees to it that the King of the Dead does not take any soul from his jurisdiction without proper authority. Cheng Huang judges the dead, but also looks over the fortune of the city.

Tu Di Gong is a local Earth god, god of towns, villages, streets and households, not too powerfull. He is a modest heavenly bureaucrat to whom individual villagers could turn in times of drought or famine. Tu Di Gong is also a god of wealth, by virtue of his connection to the earth, therefore minerals and burried treasures.

He is portrayed as a kind, respectable old man, who wants things to run smoothly.

Cult History

On the ancient China, the wealth of a person was measured by his owned land because he might only planted his grains on his land and owning grains means he could survive and became rich. This very reason made the cult of Tu Di Gong bloomed and so many “forms” of Tu Di Gong were thought out.

Boost of wealth usually is through the request with several deities

Namely they are
Earth God or Land Deities commonly known as Tu Di Gong 土地公
Area Earth Deity known as Tua Pek Gong
Local Area Earth Deity known as Datuk Kong

Why all of them are Earth Deities? Earth deities are usually spirits that have some form of cultivation. Due to their need for further cultivation or just residing in the area because of the vast amount of offering by people in that area.

And because of their cultivation and offering of physical or mental by patrons. They have extra storage of energy. So with correct means, and their generosity, sometimes out of being impressed and kind they will transfer some of that energy to you.

So how do you go about DIY for boost of wealth through the Earth Deities? The first thing you will need is gold paper / gold paper ingots 金纸, 大福金. These are for offering and burn for these deities.

You might ask, why do I need to offer more gold paper/gold paper ingots to them when I am suppose to be requesting wealth from them. In the spiritual and physical world, everything is in the form of energy ultimately. It just changes form.
You might ask, why do I need to offer more gold paper/gold paper ingots to them when I am suppose to be requesting wealth from them. In the spiritual and physical world, everything is in the form of energy ultimately. It just changes form.
So in order to request for some boost of wealth, you will need to first offer some energy in mental thoughts and physical form to the Earth Deities. When you have felt the effects of the boost within several days, then you will need to do some form of charity. As money is a form of energy, sometimes the boost comes from your own destiny (in advance) and if you did not make the cycle of energy circulate between you and society, then your own storage will be depleted.


Di-Zhu (Land Deity) is one of the most popular deities being worshipped by every household. The rest of deities can be enshrined in some secluded places, but Di-Zhu must be placed facing the main door. The real name of Di-Zhu is “Dragon God of five places and five directions, Wealth god of front and back Di-Zhu”. Facing the main door means inducing fortune from outside the door to enhance the fortune luck of the house. Di-Zhu is also the protection deity of the house. By erecting facing the main door can chase away evil elements from coming into the house.

When worshipping Di-Zhu-Gong, we must always burn Di-Zhu-Jin as offering. It is up to your own wish whether or not to burn in normal days, but during first and fifteen days of every month, at least five boxes of Di-Zhu-Jin must be burned. Besides burning Di-Zhu-Jin for Di-Zhu-Gong at home, when going out to pray to other deities, don’t forget to burn Di-Zhu-Jin for “Dragon God of five places and five directions”. During Qing-Ming (clean grave festival), when offering ritual to ancestors, don’t forget that “Hou-tu” (back earth) also needs to pray with Di-Zhu-Jin. Burn at least five boxes, the more the better.

If children used to cry during midnight, then burning Di-Zhu-Jin is a must. It should be done between 11.00pm to 1.00am in the morning. Also, prepare offering items:- 5 red Chinese dates, 5 lime fruits, 5 sweets, 5 boxes of Di-Zhu-Jin, 5 glasses of Chinese Tea, 5 joss-sticks and a pair of candles. Pray and ask Di-Zhu-Gong to protect the child not to cry at night.

And if business is unsmooth and family not agreeable, likewise you should burn Di-Zhu-Jin. Offering items are:- 5 boxes of Di-Zhu-Jin, 1 pineapple, 5 lime fruits, 5 stuffed cakes, 5 glasses of Chinese Tea, 5 joss-sticks and a pair of candles. Pray Di-Zhu-Gong for protection.